Australian Charlotte Mason Grade 8 Programme 2022

Oh boy; Grade 8! Hormones…yuck.Increasing social demands.Weird teen-girl speech cadences…I know you know exactly what I’m talking about!So much freaking hair in the shower drain! But it’s not all bad! The further we progress through these formal education years, the more enjoyable and thought-provoking the school year’s literature becomes, AND, hopefully, the more thoughtful and … More Australian Charlotte Mason Grade 8 Programme 2022


How We Homeschool: Citizenship

It is the duty of citizens to contribute along with the civil authorities to the good of society in a spirit of truth, justice, solidarity, and freedom. The love and service of one’s country follow from the duty of gratitude and belong to the order of charity. Submission to legitimate authorities and service of the common good require citizens to fulfill their roles in the life of the political community. … More How We Homeschool: Citizenship

How We Homeschool: Literature

“I think we should have a great educational revolution once we ceased to regard ourselves as assortments of so-called faculties and realised ourselves as persons whose great business it is to get in touch with other persons of all sorts and conditions, of all countries and climes, of all times, past and present. History would become entrancing, literature, a magic mirror for the discovery of other minds, the study of sociology, a duty and a delight. We should tend to become responsive and wise, humble and reverent, recognising the duties and the joys of the full human life.” (School Education) … More How We Homeschool: Literature

How We Homeschool: Language Arts

The term ‘language arts’ didn’t actually appear on any PNEU programmes or in the Home Education Series, instead we see the individual subjects of reading, writing, dictation, composition, English grammar, and recitation/memorisation. Recitation isn’t always included under the language arts umbrella, but it forms part of the ‘speaking’ component of the subject and is rightly included here. … More How We Homeschool: Language Arts

How We Homeschool: Religion

You could almost be forgiven for thinking Charlotte Mason wasn’t a huge proponent of religious education; the subject appeared on PNEU programmes as ‘optional’ and generally listed prayer books or daily lectionaries. For a woman who quotes “Religion without definite dogmatic teaching degenerates into sentiment” (Parents and Children) this seems quite the contradiction. … More How We Homeschool: Religion